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I wonder what version of Mein Kampf he is holding there, as I have the authentic Stalag version, the only version authorized to be printed in English translated at the time from German, and it is twice as thick, these other so-called editions of Mein Kampf that are generally available are very heavily redacted, and very badly translated, for obvious reasons, and I am interested in the part of the video when he claims Hitler wrote in his Mein Kampf that he wants to exterminate all the Jews. There are statements elsewhere in which Hitler is deliberately and maliciously misquoted as stating that he intended the literal extermination of all Jews

If Hitler had really said that he intended to exterminate all the Jews, why did his Jewish personal doctor not poison him to death? Why did his Jewish personal chauffeur not deliberately suicide him by driving him into oncoming traffic or over the side of a bridge? If Hitler had really said that, then the 150,000 Jews serving in the German ranks, highly-trained, highly-armed, and in the position to do the maximum damage, would have mutinied and utterly destroyed the German armed forces from within.

The Jews would certainly appear to have been totally selfish and gutless there, yet when we look at history and word politics today this is not at all true of the Jews, who are actually extremely audacious in their intent to take over the world, that requires a lot of courage, an extreme amount of violent intent, so when the Jews say they were just pathetic and helpless 'victims' in those camps, that surely has to be a lie, as Jews have always been extremely aggressive and highly combative throughout their bloody history. If there really had been gas chambers in the camps, there most certainly would have been CONTINUOUS extremely violent and bloody confrontations between camp guards, the unarmed staff, and the inmates.

Even in 1933, the Jew Leo Szilard came up with the demonic idea of the atom bomb, and patented the functional design for that in 1934 in London, England, how weak and pathetic is that? 'We are just a peaceful and humble people' does not seem to ring quite true there. Jews invented the nuclear and neutron bombs also, and in 1950, the Jewish 'scientist' Leo Szilard invented the extremely dirty version of the nuclear bomb on top of the earlier nuclear bomb design of another Jewish scientist, the Cobalt Nuclear Bomb, on which the Dr Strangelove film was based, though that film of course made out that it was Russia that had developed it, not the Israeli Jews, though of course, Russia was dominated by Jews at the time anyway, so that Jews could have used Russia to implement that threat, and Szilard stated that just 400 of these devices would kill all forms of life in the entire world, permanently. How peaceful is that? Surely, people like the Americans must be quite mad giving billions to the Jews every year, on top of the 2.3 trillions they stole at the time of the New York Mossad-controlled terrorist attacks in New York and on the Pentagon on 9/11 2001, as most surely, the Jews will be using that money right now to complete the requisite number of these world-killing Cobalt nuclear devices in their secretive nuclear facilities at Dimona in Israel so that they are always fully prepared to fully implement their terrorist threat to destroy all life on this entire world if they feel it necessary, should any nation dare to make a practical military attempt to destroy Israel, as the Jews wish all other nations to police each other to make sure that never happens, and if any one nation does make such an attempt, then ALL other nations of the world will be collectively held responsible and collectively punished with complete annihilation of all life there.   

It seems to me that the Jews are only too keen to kill anyone they wish at any time, even at the cost of their own lives in terrorist bombing attacks like those committed after WWII against the British by the Irgun, and even today when their Mossad Intelligence officers and Israeli commando officers have been captured leading ISIS terrorist attacks using an Israeli-armed, Israeli-funded black-ops, psy-ops army of mercenary Kharijite fake Muslims, who fight entirely for the purposes of Israeli Jewish expansionism in the Middle East area and for the purposes of further blackening the already very dark reputation of Islam, and of destroying western gentile culture worldwide, on the back of which they intend to inflict their iron-fisted totalitarian Judaic NWO one world government over the rest of the entire world, a NWO in which all other religions and their adherents will be physically annihilated, just as the 66 million Christians were in Russia following the Jewish Bolshevik terrorist takeover there in 1917 who ended up being slaughtered, so it is patently ridiculous for the Jews to try to make us believe that all these Jews would never have actually fought against the Germans rather than serving alongside them. With hindsight, we can see now how Hitler's gentlemanly gesture towards those Jews has since been entirely ignored, with the very opposite of the real truth given now instead.

Hitler even gave iron crosses to Jews in WWII and he even gave iron crosses to some Jewish veterans from WWI in belated recognition of their earlier service to the German nation.

It is absolutely ridiculous for the Jews to continue to assert that every day, thousands of Jews just walked like sheep to be gassed to death, whilst all the  other Jews just watched, when a charge of unarmed Jews against the relativity few armed guards (and unarmed instructors who were teaching them agriculture, machine work etc. prior to their intended deportation to Palestine, so that they would be able to provide a living for themselves there) would simply have overwhelmed them all and allowed the Jews to go elsewhere. 

The facts are that the Jews had it very good in the camps until the Allies destroyed their food and medical supply routes, as they were protected from the bombing raids that totally obliterated entire towns and cities throughout Germany. They had shelter in those camps and all modern facilities, and were safe there until the system collapsed and disease and starvation began to affect the populations of the camps.

Here is an example of deliberate malicious mistranslation of Hitler's words on this policy; 


Had Hitler actually wanted to kill all the Jews, he would have done what the crypto-Jew General Eisenhower did after the war, when (future POTUS) Eisenhower killed over 980,000 Germans in just 25 days, by the very simple and cost-free method of herding them into open fields with no shelter or latrines or washing facilities, behind barbed wire and machine guns, and simply depriving them all of water, food and shelter until they all died. 

If there really had been any more than the actual maximum of 4.5 million or so Jews in all the countries that eventually became German-occupied (over 2 million Jews emigrated to Russia before serious hostilities broke out, for example, and 60,000 Jews migrated to Palestine with German assistance, 500,000 Jews were never deported from German-occupied France etc. etc.) , then Hitler could easily have killed all Jews actually remaining in Europe in just a few months. And even if we generously consider for a moment the hysterical figure of 6 million Jews, they could all have been killed by Eisenhower's method in just 6 months, and we know that Hitler knew well of the methods that the actual concentration camps used by the British against the Boers, so he could, if he had wished, have used those very same and extremely effective methods had he really wished to, rather than providing camps with sleeping quarters, canteen mess halls, canteen shops from which they could buy beer and postage stamps and stationary and so on, with camp scrip money earned at highly competitive rates compared with the wage rates of civilians outside the camps, breweries, brothels, synagogues, football pitches, swimming pools, barbers, dentists, hospitals with maternity wards, theatres with cinema facilities,and plays performed by the Jewish and other inmates in fancy costumes that were recorded then can still be seen, with well-fed, happy and healthy long-legged women doing high kicks across the stage and so on. 

Why would Hitler build gas chambers and all the other ridiculous (and very expensive) technologies he has been falsely stated to have used at various times if he really wanted to physically exterminate all the Jews? The highly-funded propaganda industry against Hitler, and against National Socialism itself, is extremely relentless, hateful, forceful and hysterical, continually directed at massive expense from the highest levels of the parasitic Jewish-controlled political establishments of the world through the Jewish-controlled world mass media. And that is because the Jews are very worried that if the actually excellent National Socialist economic and social model ever becomes acceptable again by any nation, that will severely hamper Jewish efforts towards world domination and actual destruction of the Gentile peoples of this world. 

'Rabbi says kill non-Jews who refuse to follow Jewish laws'


Bill Dannemeyer
U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992

The Jewish Talmud states "Even the best if Gentiles should all be killed". 

Here is what Jews really think of us;

'Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi? By Alison Weir, CounterPunch.