Tuesday, 20 June 2017

What is Fluoride Really Doing to You?!

They deleted a major scientific study by a Chinese university from the internet about what fluoride really does. Fluoride eats away your brain, literally, and there is a part of your brain that is devoted to rebuilding damaged brain tissue, and guess what, fluoride specifically eats that away too, this is the specific information that the scientific study was deleted from the internet for, but before that occurred, I reproduced the relevant part of the scientific paper into my article 'METANOIA' AT Mothman777's Blog at WORDPRESS.COM. Fluoride is a double punch, it damages your brain, then deletes the part of the brain devoted to repairing damaged brain tissue. Kill the fucking government.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Sharia UK: Two Arrested for Burning Qur’ans - American Renaissance

Of course, the Koran explicitly forbids friendship between any Muslim and any non-Muslim. England is being deliberately betrayed by chosenites who are malevolently inviting destruction upon us all. 
The Koran also explicitly states that after this life, any non-Muslim will be burned alive repeatedly, unceasingly, for all eternity, whilst having boiling water forced down their throats and being beaten with iron rods. And we are supposed to assimilate with that? Our politicians belong in Broadmoor Top Security Prison Mental Hospital, they are setting us all up to suffer terrible bloodshed in this life, and terrible suffering in the next.

Sharia UK: Two Arrested for Burning Qur’ans - American Renaissance

Monday, 12 June 2017

The Elite Want to Transfer Consciousness into a New Body and Live Forever

Rabbi Stephen Wise said "I have been an American for sixty-three sixty-fourths of my life, but I have been a Jew for 4,000 years". The Jews maintain the occult ability life after life to reincarnate under conscious control, as Jews only, time and time again. Reincarnation is accepted as part of Judaism, though this fact and it's sinister implications are little known, precisely because it is intended to remain as obscure as possible.

This technological addition is intended as a further advancement on that occult science.

Germany Transformed as Hardcore Hooton Plan Implemented

Germany Transformed as Hardcore Hooton Plan Implemented

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Hillary: End terrorism by “getting to know one another” and “learning about the cultures, the religions, the food”

The Koran states that it is forbidden for any Muslim to make friends with any non-believer, so that is cultural integration up the spout. The Koran also states that all non-Muslims will be burned alive after this life, ceaselessly, for all eternity in hell, whilst having boiling water forced down their throats, and being beaten with iron rods.

Only bastards who want to see us tortured for ever would bring these dangerous psychotics into our countries. There can be NO relationship with Muslims in our own countries, ALL must be deported, and the chosenites with them, as the chosenite religion also states that ALL Gentile souls will be sent to hell.

Our leaders are almost all chosenites, and for people to carry on electing these parasites is pure suicide. To get rid of ISIS, you stop electing chosenites.

Trump has admitted he studies Kabbalah, he is, after all, a real Jew, his original family name being Drumpf, his parents both having died in a Jewish nursing home. The Jewish religion states "Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed". No wonder they are bringing in black-ops Muslims to whack us, as proxies to do chosenite dirty work on us.

Hillary: End terrorism by “getting to know one another” and “learning about the cultures, the religions, the food”

Monday, 5 June 2017

Amazing Ancient Aircraft Technology from India, Still Defies Belief Toda...

Excellent, very interesting indeed, with much ancient Indian scripture, well worth watching.

Narasimha Gayatri Mantra - 108 Times Chanting with Lyrics - Powerful Man...

Nrusimha Mahamantram Ugram Veeram Mahaa-Vishnum - 108 Chants

1008 Divine Names of Lord Narasimha - "Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Sahasranama...

1008 Divine Names of Lord Narasimha - "Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Sahasranama...

1008 Divine Names of Lord Narasimha - "Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Sahasranama...

1008 Divine Names of Lord Narasimha - "Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Sahasranama...

SRI NARASIMHA KAVACAM Ultimate protection mantra- Srimathumitha

Narasimha Kavacham - Mantra Cure For All Problems

Sunday, 4 June 2017

LIVE from London Bridge after van drives into pedestrians - reports

This attack was arranged by ISIS, who are actually the NATO black ops soldiers run by Israel and the chosenite traitors in the British (and many other governments). In fact 40 governments altogether are secretly supporting ISIS according to Putin, without the knowledge of their dumbed-down peoples.

These traitors are just like the criminal terrorist SPECTRE organization in the James Bond films, who are suiciding this country and those other of the 40 nations mentioned by Putin.

These false flag attacks are to further their NWO one world government plans, with the Jewish one world government intended to be based in Jerusalem. These false flag attacks are to be used to falsely justify further vindictive and pointless attacks on the innocent civilian populations of various Arab nations.

There would be no ISIS if it had not been deliberately created by the traitorous Western governments to further the megalomaniac Jewish NWO one world government aims, which are fully intended to be accomplished by mass slaughter inflicted by various Gentile nations against various other Gentile nations, which will be instigated by Jews alone.

"The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust." -Karl Marx Die Neue Rheinische Zeitung NZR January 1849

Rabbi Stephen Wise; "Some call it Marxism, ... I call it Judaism".

Unexplained ancient artifacts 2

Monday, 22 May 2017

Let's Get This Right: Jews Aren't White!

Jews are a race of SOULS, and can occupy any physical body they want. The Torah says that Jews ALONE come from God, that makes them a unique race in their own 'twisted' view. 

If you check out the excellent article by David Duke (though I know he is still a Christian, very sadly), ALL Jews are real Jews, there were no 'converts' to Judaism that became the Khazar Ashkenazim, they were ALL diaspora Jews in the first place.


If you research properly into the Torah, and forget the widespread garbage about fake Jews, and 'convert' Jews you will come across the real truth, the Jews NEVER EVER allow a single Gentile soul to convert to Judaism. ALL 'converts' are Jewish souls in the beginning, who have merely occupied Gentile positions as crypto-Jews for various reasons such as this: 

https://cintayati.wordpress.com/2014/06/09/1492-letter-from-grand-sanhedrin/et's Get This Right: Jews Aren't White!

Sarkozy: Challenge of the 21st Century: Racial Interbreeding (FRANCAIS, ...

The erstwhile French President Jewish Sarkozy, in conformity with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, says whites MUST interbreed with blacks, a different species, based on what science?

 Lions and Tigers are two different species, yet they can interbreed under unnatural and  forced circumstances and produce fertile offspring, so-called 'Ligers', so can black Negros and white Caucasians produce fertile offspring under unnatural and  forced circumstances, such as the circumstances Sarkozy has proposed,  BUT THEY ALSO ARE NOT FROM THE SAME SPECIES, Negro blacks have a simian ledge in their skull, found only in apes, not present in Caucasians, or any other human race. 

The Jews would have goats and sheep become one species under the same misunderstanding, but will NEVER ask the Jewish people to interbred with the back Negro race themselves. 

The Jews really have no misunderstanding, they know exactly what they are doing, and wish only to breed the white Caucasian race, their declared main 'enemy', into extinction to further their own Jewish racist aims towards global domination by the Jewish Tribe alone.  

Once the white species is gone, it is gone, it can easily be swallowed up in an absolute Tsunami of black genome of vast numerical superiority, without any loss at all to the black genome, if the white people fall victim to malicious Jewish propaganda and allow themselves to be deleted.

White people must understand and totally reject the Jew Sarkozy's malicious anti-white race hate agenda and not allow themselves into being hoodwinked into allowing their white sons and daughters into being interbred with a different species of lower quality, with the average IQ of Somalians being 67, and the average IQ of all other Africans being only 85, which is truly pitiful.

If we allow this racial interbreeding program, our kids will be mentally handicapped, just what the Jews leading this malicious racial integration program want. 

Look at America, the most interbred and integrated society in the world, with a higher percentage of people in prison than any other country in the world, they are totally dysfunctional, and at war all the time, so what good has racial 'integration' done them? It has made them cretins able to be manipulated into being genocidal mass-murderers for Israel, zombie slaves, killers, no more than this.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Wake Up, White Men and Women!

That was a great speech, yet now of course, it is illegal in Britain since the time of Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists to wear any uniform in any political movement, and the National Action members did appear to be wearing what could be described by the filth as a uniform. 

However, I hope they can get round that ban and that absolutely ridiculous misclassification of being terrorists, because terrorists they most certainly are not, whilst the government that maliciously and falsely classifies them as being terrorists is itself the most vile mass murdering genocidal and otherwise corrupt body that there is, along with Israel, both of them being behind their attack dog the USA and NATO, Israel, the UK and the USA being the same in Jewish political substance at the top, who should all be in prison for many crimes, terrorism, fraud, genocide, treachery, and being traitorous. 

If even one politician today says so much as that 60,000 Jews were deported from Germany to Palestine in WWII, they are banned for life from politics in the UK, and the tired old Livingstone purposely allowed himself to be sacrificed in public at the end of his career as his last political act, purely to make this point for his Jew masters, that from now on, not one single word may be uttered that the Jews call racist against them, otherwise one will certainly be banned for life from politics, so the people need to have a new government structure outside the mainstream Jewish Stalinist totalitarian dictatorship now, entirely, not based in the Jew-Infested Houses of Parliament, a new government drawn exclusively from the ranks of their own people, and not any longer from the multi-generational Jewish banking families and so on.  

Wake Up, White Men and Women!

The Auschwitz Football Pitch

David Icke - SHOCKING NASA - APRIL 26, 2017 (MUST WATCH)

Brilliant talk, except at 43:24, we are subjected quite needlessly to a picture of German soldiers goosestepping as mind -controlled zombies, which is complete rubbish, Hitler was a straight guy, and opposed everything that has been termed in the video speech as being Archonic, and I feel that this should be openly admitted.

Hitler banned usury, he banned fractional reserve banking, he made all farms in Germany organic, he banned vivisection, he banned intensive farming, he banned the production of pate foie gras which is produced by painfully force-feeding a goose to expand it's liver, he encouraged, but did not enforce vegetarianism, but he did bring in animal welfare laws that far exceed anything in effect today in all of Europe and in most of the rest of the world, he banned veal crates, he encouraged people to stop smoking, and Germany was the first country to connect smoking cigarettes with lung cancer.

Hitler was the one man who OPPOSED the organized psychopathic Jewish bankers behind Capitalism and Communism and the whole war machine, and when one does proper research on Hitler, we find that he was horribly sucked-punched into having to fight, without having any intention of going to war against most of the rest of the world, a situation that was artificially created for him, as stated by the Polish General who led the Polish armed forces, who declared that Hitler would be forced into going to war, a war that he did not want, and the same was said by Churchill.

"Poland wants war with Germany and Germany will not be able to avoid it even if she wants to." (Polish Marshal Rydz-Smigly as reported in the Daily Mail, August 6th, 1939)

Hitler repeatedly offered extremely generous terms of settlement with Poland, and all his offers were senselessly and malevolently refused, as the Poles were desperate for war, and after WWII, Poland was given over to Stalin in any case, even after Russia had also invaded Poland. So what hypocrisy of any historian today to say that the war against Germany was to preserve the freedom of Poland, even after Stalin had slaughtered the 20,000 Polish officers and intellectuals in the Katyn Forest Massacre. Read the
tomatobubble.com site for much more on that.

58,000 Germans who were then living in Poland after part of Germany was given to Poland after WWI were brutally massacred Bolshevik Red Revolution style by demonic Jewish-led mobs, and that is what Hitler was obliged to go into Poland to stop, when the government of Poland repeatedly refused to stop the senseless killings of innocent civilians.

Stalin had already betrayed several other countries after first having made treaties with them, and Stalin fully intended to invade all of Europe and then America, a plan he carried on from his predecessors, and he had to smash Germany in order to take all of Europe, Germany being the only country big enough then to stop Russia (a process which had already begun with WWI and the breakup of Germany into smaller pieces) and ONLY Germany under Hitler tried to stop this, so why the hell should anyone carry on knocking Adolf Hitler. Hitler stated that if he was made to take Germany to war, that all his plans for social improvement would be prevented, and that it would not matter who won any war, as all those plans would never then be able to be implemented.

This happened because Hitler led the way in creating an ideal example of a National Socialist state that was superbly successful, which the Jews feared would present a model for many other states to copy, and Hitler was a NATIONALIST, not a one world government guy, and he wished for a FEDERATION of INDEPENDENT countries who had also liberated themselves from the parasitism of the Jewish banking machine.

I think that there is indeed a very dark collective of souls that have become so far removed from God that they have entirely forgotten the true spiritual science of God Consciousness, Vaishnavism and Achintya Bhedabheda Tattva, which is the science of knowing that God is the central Soul, the Supersoul, at the heart of a cosmic body of individual souls, with each individual soul knowing that their relationship with the Godhead Soul alone enables their full true vivification, both in terms of spiritual self-cognitive ability, and the ability to know the entire cosmos within and through that Godhead Soul, His senses augmenting their own in dovetailed form, so as to maintain all of them in cosmic consciousness, or sarshti.

When souls sometimes explore a little too far for their own good, and end up forgetting God, then becoming fascinated primarily with souls who are not themselves cosmic in spatial magnitude, then their cosmic consciousness is lost, and so they fall down more and more as their wisdom is lost, with that wisdom for the greater part being in the form of the association of the Godhead Soul, and that is what everyone needs; this is a different philosophy to the unrealistic advaitist philosophy of Buddha and so on, which artificially seeks to propose that we are all ultimately one soul, that philosophy being quite unrealistic, as how could the all-knowing God forget Himself? God, being the substance of infinity, is the very substance that all other souls intercommunicate through, and He exists within each soul, like a string running through a string of pearls. The Godhead Soul is known as Krishna, and many many other names, though He, the Lord God is actually nameless, Krishna and the other 'names' merely being descriptive terms embodying some of His qualities and potencies.

I think that no one hijacked the Jews, that no one pretended to be the Jews, and did all this. I think that the dark soul collective decided to construct a vehicle for themselves to move unchecked amongst mankind, to appear as the rest of mankind, as if they too had a 'religion' that would grant them unlimited acceptance and rights in common with those afforded to followers of other religions, as people of 'God', no matter how nutty they might seem.

When the dark soul collective formed the Judaic religion, and veiled their parasitic war machine, they did so already possessing massive 4th dimensional know-how, a vast science of black magic, like kapparot transfer of karma by ritual blood magic, with Jews also having a Cyclon-like ability to always reincarnate amongst the Jews alone, except when an occasional incarnation amongst the other races would further their agenda, as happens a lot, especially with the Marrano Christians, the Wahhabi Saudi Muslims and the Donmeh Muslims in Turkey, who are all crypto-Jews, along with huge numbers of 'Roman Catholic', Protestant Church of England 'Christians' and members of other churches and religions who are in fact also crypto-Jews.

The Jews hold that a Jew remains eternally a Jew, no matter what religion they may purport to be a member of for any length of time for whatever reason, and that no Gentile soul can ever convert to become a Jewish soul, and that where a 'Gentile' is seen to 'convert', that is a really a Jewish soul, recognized by the Tribe as such by occult means, such as astral projection and other highly practical psychic sciences which can show the rabbi all the past lives of any soul, and their blood lines are also confirmed, with DNA tests being mandatory for any Jew wishing to gain citizenship in Israel. So all the 'Christians and Muslims that 'convert' to become Jewish, they were Jewish all along.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Zionist Noahide Laws, death penalty for Christians


I have spoken in confidence with two British police officers who told me that Prince Charles has had two serious sex offence charges against him hidden under 'D' Notices' to prevent their disclosure to the British or any other public.

Prince Charles is a known close associate of the late Jimmy Saville, the disgraced former DJ and 'charity worker' who also had a perverse fascination for 'working' with the criminally insane, who held positions at Broadmoor and Rampton prison mental hospitals for the criminally insane, who used to have sex with corpses in NHS hospital mortuaries whilst NHS nurses were told to turn their backs and ignore it as he was a 'VIP., and also raped and sexually attacked young children even after they had just had surgery.


Jimmy Saville was a close friend and associate of Peter Sutcliffe, the 'Yorkshire Ripper,' BEFORE his arrest, and Jimmy Saville remained a friend of Peter Sutcliffe's after his arrest and conviction, and several of the bodies of sexually assaulted and mutilated women who were victims of the Yorkshire Ripper WERE FOUND WITHIN SEVERAL HUNDRED YARDS OF JIMMY SAVILLE'S HOUSE, AND HE WAS NAMED BY THE INVESTIGATING POLICE AS A SUSPECT AT ONE TIME, WHEN IN FACT, BOTH HE AND SUTCLIFFE WERE CO-CONSPIRATORS IN THESE VILE CRIMES, AND SO WAS PRINCE CHARLES AT SOME LEVEL, PRINCE CHARLES HIMSELF IS ALSO A HEAVY NONCE (A HEAVY SEX OFFENDER), AND THE POLICE ARE COVERING IT UP WITH A 'D NOTICE' TO PREVENT PUBLIC DISCLOSURE VIA ANY MEDIA OUTLET.

I know a lot more than this, and I know how the man who attacked Peter Sutcliffe after his arrest for the brutally sadistic murders of several women was given 20 YEARS IN RAMPTON TOP SECURITY PRISON MENTAL HOSPITAL FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE!!! That is what happens to anyone who messes with the sicko murdering rapist friend of Prince Charles.

I know via another source that another member of the royal family, Princess Anne, visited the convict who saved Peter Sutcliffe's life and specifically walked up to him, choosing him alone from amongst many other convicts, and shook his hand, this having been witnessed by several prison officers, and that that man, called Jamie Devitt, had been convicted for raping and killing two little girls, surely making him a very odd choice of man for the Royal Princess Anne, the sister of Prince Charles, to choose to go and shake hands with, surely as a royal thankyou for services rendered to the royals, for saving the life of the Yorkshire Ripper chum of Prince Charles.

If the Yorkshire Ripper himself was only a friend of Jimmy Saville and not also of Prince Charles himself, why on earth would Princess Anne have given any regard for that man in a royal visit to that man in Wakefield Prison, so draw your conclusions about serious sexual involvement in seriously dark satanic sexual rituals within the royal family.

Remember too that Princess Margaret was the royal princess involved in the real-life story behind the film, 'The Bank Job', with Jason Statham starring as the brave bank robber who stood up to the perverse and corrupt establishment.

You can visit Kensington Palace, and see the fur coat that Princess Margaret used to wear, the front of it absolutely covered with 'rock burns' from smoking drugs, these are not moth holes, being very characteristic, and there are none on the back of the coat, so Princess Margaret was obviously a heavy drugs user in her wild sex orgies, which became the subject of a blackmail plot featured in that film.

Aangirfan: ROYALS LINKED TO PEDO RING: According to UK government files: a 16-year-old boy was sexually abused at Buckingham Palace and at the Queen's home at Balmoral. ...

Monday, 8 May 2017

Israel Directly Helping Muslims And Africans Invade Europe

Zionist Jews Happily Brag About Being At The Center Of The Muslim Invasi...

Ethiopian Jew Exposes Zionist Israel


omar kahn 
@ omar khan It is a Mossad lie that you are spreading here, whether you are doing with conscious intent or inadvertently I know not, but you wrongly label Europeans as the true culprits.

This hasbara lie and deception of 'fake Jews' is spread all over the internet very methodically, far and wide, so much so that even very genuine researchers and campaigners come to mistakenly believe in it.

The real truth is, that all Jews are real Jews, and that Arthur Koestler just made the whole story up about Khazars converting to Judaism to provide the opportunity for sayanim to spread this dirty lie about Gentiles pretending to be Jews and doing all the dirty work.

No Gentile soul can ever convert to become a Jewish soul, eternally, check it out, that is according to Torah. If anyone 'converts' the rabbi has to prove beforehand that the convert is an eternally Jewish soul who has been temporarily living under a different external label beforehand, after having been a Jew in all his or her previous incarnations, that is, a crypto-Jew. No one can become a convert to Judaism in truth.




None of the 4,000 Jews of all denominations in New York on 9/11 who stayed away from work that day according to the Israeli Jerusalem Post, which has all the names and addresses of those Jews as proof that they really existed, denounced any of the the other Jews among them as being fake or exposed the plot to attack New York. And no Jew in Israel ever attacks other Jews there as being 'fake'. That lie about Ashkenazim Jews being fake is a joke to the Israeli Jews and other Jews, and they deliberately spread that deception around to push all the blame for Jewish wrong-doing onto people they claim are really Gentiles, so you should spread the real truth from now on.

Ethiopian Jew Exposes Zionist Israel

Facebook Developing Ability to Read Your Thoughts... & The Dark Secret o...

Blind Mystic Predicts End Of The World After Donald Trump Wins

What hindu Scripture says about Muhammad

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Holohaux Sirens. Don't Forget the 6 Billion!

The Jews: Seed of the Serpent!

So the Jews have got you believing that all the Jews doing all the bad stuff are just Gentiles who like to dress up in funny hats. You should study the Jewish religion, and when you do, you will find out that it is a literal impossibility for any Gentiles EVER under any circumstances at all, to convert to become Jewish.

The Jewish religion states unequivocally, that Jews are Jews eternally (normally reincarnating repeatedly only in Jewish families), and that Gentiles are Gentiles eternally, though it does say that sometimes, for various reasons, a Jew will incarnate outside families registered or recognized as Jewish, and that ONLY a previously Jewish soul can 'convert' BACK to being a Jew again.

The Jewish scriptures also state that just as no Gentile SOUL can convert to be a Jew, that a Jewish SOUL can never ever convert to become a Gentile SOUL. This is stated in the TORAH itself, so this is not a so-called 'fake' Jewish invention in the Talmud, this comes from the very same people that you currently think of as being amongst the groups of 'real' Jews.

A Convert's Soul

Dr Karl Skorecki has done the genetic study, and found the Ashkenazim to be what they surely had to be, diaspora Jews who simply stopped calling themselves Jews for a long time to fit in with the peoples amongst whom they travelled and settled.

I will make it easy for you by providing all the material you need to research this properly, and I have much more besides this information, so that you and all the others who have innocently been deceived by this Jewish deception invented by Arthur Koestler can come to the real understanding that all the Ashkenazim and Sephardim are really REAL JEWS all together. They never accuse each other of being fakes in Israel do they? It is a simple trick by the Jews on one level to make people outside Israel think that any Gentiles could become one of them or be like them, that we 'are all the same'. We are most definitely not the same, and the Jews themselves secretly hold on to that position very fiercely indeed.

The Cohanim - DNA Connection
The fascinating story of how DNA studies confirm an ancient biblical tradition. By Rabbi Yaakov Kleiman

Furthermore, it would be absolute anathema for the Jews to mix their soul substance with that of the goyim, as Gentile souls are held to be a waste product of the creation, literal excrement, a non-living, and irredeemably demonic and sinful substance, that, if mixed with the soul substance of the 'Godly' soul substance of the Jews, would pollute it forever.

And what if we really were all the same, what then would become of the Jewish drive for world domination and subjugation of all other peoples? That drive for the Jewish NWO one world government has never ceased, and that is because the Jews KNOW that they are all a unique race of SOULS, and they will not share equality with any other SOUL GROUP, but will instead choose to subJEWgate all non-Jewish souls forever, precisely because all Gentile souls are seen as eternal demons, eternal enemies of the Jews, who must be subjugated, enslaved, and ultimately exterminated from the entire world, exactly as is instructed in their Zohar and other criminal terrorist 'pseudo-scriptures'

The Soul of a Jew and the Soul of a Non-Jew
An Inconvenient Truth and the Search for an Alternative

'Why Is The US Honoring A Racist rabbi' by Alison Weir, CounterPunch

Friday, 14 April 2017

10 Nazi SUPER WEAPONS that could've WON WW2

Hitler expressly forbade any atomic or nuclear bomb weapon technology being developed by German scientists, though he did use heavy water for energy purposes alone, from Norway, which the Norwegian government still uses exactly the same technology for today, for exactly the same purposes, as there was an oil embargo against Germany during WWII. and we can see that Norway does not even aspire to produce nuclear weapons even today. Hitler's bodyguard, Skorzeny, testified that Hitler had banned any development of any such demonic weapons, though Sefton Delmer type propaganda experts still beaver away to 'prove' the opposite with their faked evidence.

If Hitler had wanted, he could undoubtedly have had it and used it, viewing the other technological achievements of Germany, but he totally blocked it, as he stated that it was demonic technology that was unacceptable due to the terrible harm it would do to the world, and he was right.

In fact, the atom bomb, the nuclear bomb and the neutron bomb were all invented by Jews. They came up with the demonic concept, had that demonic mindset to create that weapon as an extension of their religion, as the Zohar states that all Gentiles will be killed and sent to hell at the end of the world, and other Jewish scriptures state that this business of killing the Gentiles should be started even thousands of years ago.

Leo Szilard, who came up with the idea for the atom bomb in 1933, patented his working design in 1934 in London, England, and later, in 1950, in a further development on the nuclear bomb design of another Jew who was in America, Szilard came up with the concept and working design for the Cobalt Nuclear Bomb, a bomb that was so dirty, that Szilard claimed stated that just 400 of these are capable of destroying all life of Earth, and it is staggering to think how the peoples of many countries were duped into fighting against the German people who were actually trying to protect not only themselves, but the rest of humanity from that eventuality.

Take for instance the nuclear Samson Option which Israel currently uses to threaten all other countries in the world with, using the most obscene terrorist threat possible, that if any country is permitted by the rest of the world to launch an existential attack on Israel, then Israel will punish the rest of the entire world by launching nuclear weapons ALL OVER THE WORLD IN RESPONSE, which is a truly insane, vindictive, totally uncalled for and totally inappropriate response, but as Israeli Sephardic Torah-reading Rabbi Ovadia Yosef stated, who was the erstwhile head of the Israeli Shas Party, the only purpose that Gentiles were created is to serve the Jews, and that without that they had no place in the world, and that only Gentiles who served the Jews get a long live, get it? The rest of us somehow get a 'short life', no doubt, by their fiendish arrangement.

Kind of makes you wonder why all countries are so keen to 'protect Israel' doesn't it? And it makes one wonder just what kind of nuclear weapons they are producing secretly hidden away in Dimona in the Israel nuclear facility there, most likely cobalt nuclear bombs, as all the other types they have invented have ended up being mass-produced, so why not those too? And that makes the Israelis the ultimate terrorist suicide bombers, insane people willing to destroy all life on a entire world. I think the 'Allies' fought on the wrong side.

Adolf Hitler - "We Will Have Won"

Adolf Hitler's speech on women

Great video revealing important truths about the true levels of humanitarian sensitivity of true National Socialism.

Feminine women are always stronger and more beautiful in my view than the often artificially masculinized women of today, the women who so often turn into lesbians, and avoid having children in favour of aggressively pursuing financially motivated careers, without even having any children in an increasingly great number of cases, thus allowing the white race to die out, and this is a great tragedy, that often the most intellectually talented women are not having any children at all for reasons of pursuing financial success, like there is no point in producing any more children at all for women of their quality, as they are criminally strapped into artificially high mortgage payments by Jewish arrangements of fractional reserve banking, where 90% of the money they borrow to buy a house is rolled straight off a printing press, or a computer screen, and has no actual worth that has ever been produced beforehand by any worker in reality, so that when they pay back 3 times the face value of what they borrowed over 25 years or so, they are not paying back merely 3 times, but a staggering 30 times what was really borrowed, and this is where inflation really comes from, though almost no one knows what fractional reserve banking is, or that it is even being practiced by the bankers, who are literally criminals, parasites feeding on the labour of others whilst merely playing confidence tricks on their borrowers.

By this method and others, so the Jewish banker has an army of slaves in truth, and this is covered up by the fact that those in the Third World countries have it vastly worse than we do, as they are very often paid only 1 cent on the dollar or even less than that when they are forced to sell their commodities and labour for derisory prices to the Jewish-controlled Western countries, thus these poor peoples bear the brunt of this Jewish-controlled slavery, and those in the West cannot see so much real evidence of this slavery as they can only see living conditions close at hand in their own nations.

Far better that a federation of independent nations practicing non-usurious economies be formed to liberate all these peoples.

If this is done, and Israel is stopped form creaming off the tax payers' money and money stolen by the bankers' swindles, then people will only have to work a ten hour week maximum with modern production methods, and yet see even more produce than they do now, especially when the wars are that are generated by the Jews to artificially cause Gentile peoples to annihilate other Gentile peoples will be stopped, and when usurious mortgage and other usurious lending is stopped by law, then people will be able to buy vastly bigger houses wish much more land, such as to enable them to produce their own food if they wish, with such houses being then available at a tiny fraction of the cost, with repayments being able to be made in just a few years, if banking is run by the National Socialist state on the same basis as public libraries are, with no gambling on the stock market or exchange rates, just straightforward financial dealing devoid of any chicanery, with bank workers paid on the same basis as public librarians are paid, as a public service paid for by taxpayers money, with all monies lent on a non-usurious basis. This is what Germany did, it was beautifully simple, transparent, and it worked extremely well, and that is one of the main reasons why the Jews wanted such a system smashed, before other nations saw the light and followed suit, though they wanted Germany smashed anyway even without National Socialism being present there, for various reasons, such as the Jews needed Germany broken up so that no nations would remain in Europe large enough and cohesive enough to stop a Communist invasion of all of Europe from a Jewish-controlled Russia.

Thus these poor women who pursue 'careers' at the cost of never having any children, are throwing away countless hundreds of generations of careful selection of suitable mates with whom their forebears produced the finest bodily vehicles possible for souls to inhabit, and when such noble bodily vehicles are no longer available, then the spiritual progress of that people is also stymied, which is the demonic Marxist intention, and they utilize scores of evil destructive agendas in unison to bring about this utter collapse of the white people and other peoples.

These people who have been fed with suicidal ideas by Jewish economical and social structures forced upon them, are throwing away their lives, and in truth, throwing away the chance for others to exist in fine bodily vehicles in future generations.

In nature, all creatures practice eugenics, they naturally select the finest mate they can to produce the finest offspring they can. Now we have this bastardized Jewish Marxist biological weapon thrown at us with ever-increasing aggression, just as was stated in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which Jews desperately try to assert was faked, they say to falsely incriminate the Jews, here is the very evidence of the truth that it really was a Jewish intention to breed out the white race, whilst the Jews alone will keep their people well apart from such an entirely unnatural and forced breeding program such as they have designated suitable for the white people and other peoples, as they know that with the genetic profile that their Jewish leaders already maintain, they can easily subvert and destroy all other peoples, to have a world of their own, yet all the other species are not trying to exterminate each other, they have a natural tendency to breed with their own.

Entirely inoffensive laws could be made to outlaw this Marxist interbreeding program, just as we have entirely inoffensive laws to prevent incestuous marriage, and that law has been quite acceptable to all, and so could this suggestion be quite acceptable also, with those few who wish to practice miscegenation nonetheless being obliged to renounce their citizenship and move to Brazil for instance, where miscegenation is widely practiced by many, and though Jews really need to be quarantined in Birobidzhan for instance, perhaps the Jews could be made to obey the instructions that they have deemed appropriate for us, with them also maybe being placed in Brazil, and made to practice miscegenation with black people, and then there would be no more Jewish problem, especially with the Jewish crime cult being outlawed throughout the federation of liberated countries, and hopefully throughout the entire world, they too would 'be all the same' just as they tell us that we should 'all be the same', with their lie that we already are just the same (so why do the Jews then tell us we must all interbreed if we already are just the same?


'French Ex-President Sarkozy again tells French to mix races.'

Back in 2012 when Sarkozy was the President of France, he gave a speech telling the native White French to deliberately pick someone of another race and have children with them.

“The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding. The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the 21st Century.” he said.

“It’s not a choice, it’s an obligation. It’s imperative. We cannot do otherwise. We risk finding ourselves confronted with major problems.”

“We MUST change; therefore we WILL change. We are going to change ALL at the same time. In business, in administration, in education, in the political parties. And we will obligate ourselves as to results.”

“If this volunteerism does not work for the Republic, then the State will move to still more coercive measures.“

“The challenge of racial interbreeding that France has always known. And in meeting the challenge of racial interbreeding, France is faithful to its history.“

See also;



In 1492, Chemor, Chief Rabbi of Spain received the following reply from the Grand Sanhedrin to his plea for advice on how to deal with their threatened expulsion under Spanish Law;

‘Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great a pain to hear it as yourselves.’

The advice of the Elders of Zion is the following:

As for what you say that the king of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.
As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.
As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christian’s lives.
As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.
As for the other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.
Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.
‘Prince of the Jews of Constantinople’

(Julio-Inigrez de Medrano – ‘La Silva Curiosa’)
(L. Fry, Waters Flowing Eastward: The War Against the Kingship of Christ. TBR Books, Washington, D. C., (2000), pp. 51-52)

All people who are of a mind to sympathize with these National Socialist ideas should start to plan for the selection of their own governmental representatives who can be fielded at election time, and if our ideas are presented well, they will appeal to the greater masses of people who respect simple common sense, so much so that those representatives will be elected, it is through awareness of the possibility of this happening that Jews in the British government for instance are now banning for life from politics any potential political candidate who does so much as deny the holocaust.

Think how free people could be if we succeeded in bringing in a non-usurious economy, the Jew would be livid at the loss of their slaves, though by doing this, we would have the money and commodities produced by our own labours to bring in vast improvements in health care, education, social services and so on, the amounts of money regained from the clutches of the parasitical Jews would be absolutely vast, and could produce immense improvements in out standards of living. No more wars being fought for Israel would save countless amounts of money, labour, and resources, just think if there had been no WWI, no WII, no wars in the ME etc, the world would be a much richer place, but the Jews feeds us nonsensical statements that wars are initiated to boost the economy, that they are initiating war to liberate peoples, when the blatant truth is that they are in fact crippling the economies, that they are in fact annihilating peoples.

People sympathetic to our ideas should start to come together to form new political movements in many countries, sourcing people of high spiritual ethics, who are freed from any connection with the Jewish-based demonic Abrahamic religions, as those cruel religions are not spiritual at all in reality, as they intend only to torture all others alive for all eternity in hell. With such people of more noble spiritual sentiment and sound education, then we can progress to building teams of people skilled in all areas of government, and this would not be too difficult, bearing in mind that the entire machinery of government and civil service already exists, and that only the heads of departments of national and regional governmental bodies change at election times, and ultimately, even the other workers in those departments can be replaced by more and more sound people wherever necessary, if any recalcitrants seek to remain who are more keen to practice the corrupt Jewish style of government of earlier years.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe

Bill Dannemeyer
U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992

Are these Jewish people benevolent, NO they are creating circumstances by which they will be able to slaughter scores of millions in the US, all Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, you name it, simply for worshipping a different God to the Jewish 'God', a 'crime' for which the penalty is death, so how could the American people let their pro-Israel representatives put these totally alien and hostile genocidal laws, ultimately intended to slaughter many millions of them, on statute? These parasitic infiltrators posed as their benevolent representatives, and then put these laws on statute in the dead of night, if you read the article, without the public even being notified, and they were passed by a handful of Jewish representatives. This is what Jews will do to any country they take over by deception, they will utterly destroy it in extremely warlike fashion, all the while pretending to 'help' us, and to 'help' others.

In the January and February 1849 issues of his journal ‘Neue Rheinische Zeitung’, Karl Marx published articles calling for the extermination of all other peoples and races. These articles were included in a book of the teachings of Marx, Engels and Lenin published in Germany during 1902 and again in 1913. Some die-hard and dishonest Communists have taken to stating that Engels actually wrote the following words, though they were printed under the name of Karl Marx;

“The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”.

The prominent American Rabbi Stephen Wise stated; "Some call it Marxism, ... I call it Judaism".


(VERY RARE HITLER SPEECH) - Undeniable PROOF that Adolf Hitler wanted Pe...

Thursday, 6 April 2017



My deep feeling on this is that Trump really may be the deep state ace in the hole, the man we all thought would be the strong man to oppose the deep state, despite the apparent efforts by the deep state and hordes of lower grade Jews to oppose him, just like Stalin who destroyed Germany for the Jews was always declared as someone who actually persecuted all Jews, when he in reality made it a death penalty offence in Russia to criticize the Jews, so the Jews could distance themselves from his heinous actions, but I feel that we have been led to adopt Trump precisely because when he openly flip-flops over to the pro-Jewish NWO view, then we will have a sense of not only having been to blame for that ourselves, but also have the terrible feeling that no matter what we vote for, the situation is inevitably completely hopeless, that we are totally vulnerable to being fooled again and again.

I remember Trump's speech about letting the snake in, the snake that ends up biting you, the snake that tells you how daft you are to let him in in the first place, because he is a snake, and the snake's nature is to bite. But isn't the snake usually thought of as the serpent that Jesus referred to? Was Trump taking the piss out of us all for this very reason, looking at the makeup of his government now, almost all top-ranking Ashkenazim, the allegedly fake Jews themselves, the very serpent people that Jesus was criticizing, with Trump telling us all to our faces how bloody stupid we are are for believing in him, when he is just another snake himself.

I really hope I am very wrong on this, but I think he may be a major triple agent acting on behalf of the JWO.

If Trump makes a move to actually invade Syria with a major contingent of the American armed forces (why is the US government giving arms contracts and peace prizes to the crypto-Jewish Saudi Arabians who supplied the 9/11 pilots and who are supplying ISIS with weapons?), then he is definitely a total shabbos goy slave to the Jews and their plan for world domination.

If he goes ahead with fully invading Syria, if it is not more mere talk, then we will maybe see the lower grade Jews realize why their leaders have not been attacking Trump, but rather, celebrating his appointment to office.

The NWO is intended to be based in Jerusalem in Israel, and when the genocidally lethal Noahide Laws are put on statute in every country in the world, as the Jews thoroughly intend them to be as part of their world government set-up, then we will see the iron fist of Talmudic Stalinism come down with a resounding leaden smash, causing immense suffering and the deaths of many hundreds of millions as a result of wars and the implementation of those laws, which are themselves intended to authorize the execution of all non-Jews in the entire world who do not follow the Jewish religion and follow a religion that can be termed idolatrous, such as Sikhism, as they worship their holy book, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib as a literary incarnation of God, such as Hindus, who worship the Bhagavad Gita similarly, such as Buddhists, such as Christians, and a person can be executed even over taking a Sunday off work, as that will be seen as evidencing practice of an idolatrous belief system, with goyim expected to work 7 days a week as slaves.

The rabbis have even stated that the entire people of any nation which refuses to allow the implementation of the Noahide Laws will also be killed merely for that, whether or not they would have contravened any of the Noahide Laws themselves, that is how nasty the Jews really are.

The Zohar clearly states that all Gentiles in the world are to be made slaves to the Jews, and all this fawning to Israel and the Jews worldwide is leading up to that, to set the machinery in place, ready for the orders to be given.

American forces of course are already in Syria without invitation by the Syrian government, which was democratically elected into power by an overwhelming majority of voters, so Americans have already invaded Syria without any authority, but if Trump really wants to escalate this to full bloody war, then he is without the slightest doubt only a Jewish tool of oppression of the Gentiles after all.

I am very surprised to see all the traitorous support that he continues to give to the Saudis, who took a major part in the 9/11 attacks along with the Israeli Mossad and traitorous Jews infiltrated into the US government, whilst Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan did not take part in that, with these countries being attacked, whilst Saudi Arabia which actually attacked the US on 9/11 is not being attacked, so I see a traitor of the American people in office, and he is getting more and more violent. A real leader would have openly declared 9/11 an Israeli Jewish operation given the absolute masses of evidence, that included the Saudi Arabian crypto-Jewish fake Muslim government, and then initiated sanctions and other actions to disempower those hostile nations, even using military action of course, whilst removing likely traitorous Jews from positions of influence and power in the US, but what does Trump do, he surrounds himself with powerful Ashkenazim, pro-Israeli fanatics, he rolls the the way, and supports the Jewish initiative, seriously, very bad news indeed, though I know many still hold out very high hopes for Trump and think that he is playing some clever sort of game of chess, but he is giving arms to the Saudis after all, and if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, then what the hell are we supposed to say, that it is all a clever ruse to finish the Jewish aspirations for Jewish world government???, that it is quite obviously not really a duck at all?

Quite often, politics really is THAT blunt, like a hammer in the face, and that is that, it is what it is.

How dare Trump supply arms to Saudi Arabia when we know Saudi Arabia supplies arms to ISIS. How dare he send American troops into Syria, how dare he ignore the fact that Clinton gave Sarin poison gas to rebel forces in Syria, who have obviously booby-trapped the ISIS weapon factory in Syria with it, so that if the factory was attacked, it would release all this gas so that this blame could be laid on Assad.This can only mean that Trump too is in with the Jewish NWO plan.