Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Jeff Rense & Dr Patricia Doyle - Trump Is Flooding Us With Completely UN...

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  1. Oh, they have been vetted alright, just not the way most people think of them being vetted, they have all been vetted as being just right for the destructive job they are intended to do for the chosenites, as they are a biological weapon, designed not only to destroy Western society on the social and economic levels, but to seriously impact on the genetic integrity of the healthier whites, as the grandchildren and great grandchildren of these 'immigrants' will be sitting right next to your grandchildren and great grandchildren in a few years time, and their appearance will be the new norm, after chosenite Marxists who predominate in the 'teaching' profession do a President Sarkozy on them and instill in them the artificial impulse to interbreed with them, and when you have the human waste products that have been rejected by their own countries, the beggars, the tramps, the criminals, the misanthropes, the ne'er-do-wells, the horribly ugly, the disabled, the inbred defectives heavily mixed into our societies by what amounts to force by the chosenites in power in the West, then the intended result is obvious, this is an attack to completely wipe out the integrity of the genome of the healthier white people, who themselves have not thus far been the defective product of heavy inbreeding.

    In some countries in the Middle East and elsewhere, the practice of marrying a first cousin is endemic, and 5% of all children born to such ill-thought-out unions are born blind or deaf, or with other disabilities, so think of how many generations of that foolishness has been going on, and then look at all these mutants with funny shaped heads and bodies who will be put right next to your kids in school even in this generation.

    They are doing this in a massive attack to finally destroy the white people, and they are doing it in such deceptive and dishonest manner, posing these as refugees when most are not, and then we have to consider why so many of these 'children' that they are bringing in are clearly of adult age, sporting beards or stubble in many cases, more like undercover ISIS military in a Trojan Horse operation.

    Also they are doing this at a critical time just when people were coming to realize that Israel and malevolent chosenite Israeli agents hidden in the US government and Saudi Arabian government were behind 9/11, and what they are really doing is using the media publicity concerning the absolute chaos resulting from the criminal activities of these malevolent so-called 'refugees' to heavily divert people's attention away from that certain truth about 9/11, so there will be no possibility of a military or other reaction against Israel.

    All the time people are concentrating on the riots and rape attacks, their minds are taken away from the chosenites, because now they have the 'Muslims' to think about, but even though real Islam is a thoroughly retarded and evil religion, many of these so-called Muslim 'refugees' are actually Kharijites, takfiris, people who have more in common with Judaism than Islam, as by Islamic law, they are legally under penalty of death, and ISIS comes from these people, that is why they actually kill real Muslims and Christians and Yazidis so on.

    Besides that of course, every Third World nation in Africa and the Middle East is dumping all their human waste, their unwanted trash on the streets of Western countries, by the very deliberate and extremely malicious arrangement of our traitorous 'politicians', who are bombing several of their countries in the first place, before playing at 'saviour', and supporting ISIS behind our backs at the same time, to create this panic rush. These politicians who are loyal only to Israel are using these mostly fake refugees as a weapon against us.

    If they really wanted to help the real refugees, they could simply stop bombing their countries, they could stop covertly supplying ISIS, and they could drop the punishing IMF interest payment demands to their countries.