Thursday, 20 July 2017

✅ Anunnaki gods, planet x truth and the Sumerian slaves !!! (EXPLAINED)

An interesting video, but the Srimad Bhagavatam, an ancient Hindu scripture, describes kingdoms of human beings, albeit very likely different species to those today, living on Earth several hundred million years ago, and undoubtedly, there have been several different species of humanoids on earth in the past, including giants, cone heads, dwarf-like creatures with huge heads and so on. The Srimad Bhagavatam states there are 400,000 different species within this material universe, and that there are many millions of other material universes.

For much evidence of other humanoid species having lived on this planet in the past, see the excellent YouTube channel by Vlad9, who has compiled masses of evidence for this.

Maybe this is what governments of the world really collect gold for, and where it is all going, after all, what value does gold really have, virtually none at all excellent some for rare industrial applications, but not enough to make it command the value that it does have today, or for whole nations to exchange all other forms of wealth in commodities to purchase massive quantities of actually quite useless gold (useless on this planet) in such huge and unexplained quantities, likely the earth is a slave colony, and our governments are run by representatives of these annunakim and with the fraudulent sale of paper gold bonds, the price of real gold is vastly decreased by artificial means. Less than one percent of gold sold is real, backed up by a physical counterpart, with most people never suspecting , or ever bothering to hold gold solids, and this ploy is used by the fraudsters who wish to buy up actual gold at very cheap prices.

And the very sudden appearance of the atomic bomb, patented by Jewish scientist Leo Szilard in 1934 an incredible mere 12 months or so after his first having had the basic idea on how to construct an atomic bomb in 1933, makes me wonder very much whether or not the Jews already had the atomic weapons hidden away for millennia, to be brought forth at suitable time to guarantee world power via the supreme physical terrorist threat (the Israeli Samson Option, likely including the dirty cobalt nuclear bomb 'invented' by Leo Szilard in 1950, which he stated would kill all forms of life on earth with the deployment of Just 400 of them, makes this all the more likely). I really don't think he could have 'invented' an atom bomb in just 12 months or so.

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