Monday, 7 August 2017

How the Jews Instigated World War Two

How the Jews Instigated World War Two

If Germany had not fought against Russia, all of Europe would have gone to the Jewish-controlled Russians, and then we would have seen massive genocidal slaughters throughout Europe, such as the one that occurred in Jewish-controlled Bolshevik Russia, which led to the slaughter of 66 million Christians there.

The Communists in Russia stated that they would 'kill all the landowners' (Christians) throughout Europe just as they had done in Russia itself, and even stated that they intended to invade America itself, and they would have done the same there.

So it becomes plain to see why Jewish traitor POTUS Roosevelt supported Stalin's Russia with hundreds of millions of tonnes of war materiel to destroy Germany, when Roosevelt should instead have assisted Germany against Russia, just as General Patton later said, before Patton was assassinated.

The plans to destroy Germany were laid  at the same time as the Russian Revolution took place, and the first Jewish Bolshevik attempt to take Russia occurred in 1905.

Germany was to be destroyed in order to enable all of Europe to be taken, just as Russia had been, and WWII was merely a direct continuation of WWI which had been initiated for that very purpose, as well as for the purpose of the foundation of the criminal terrorist state of Israel of course.

Jewish traitor Churchill stated how, if Germany was not proven to have been destroyed economically by WWI, then the entire purpose of WWI had been fruitless and that it would be necessary to repeat the process of destruction.

Communist Russia had treacherously planned to invade the US in 1951-1952, and Stalin's plans merely echoed those of the earlier Communists. The US and Britain fought on the wrong side in WWI and WWII, because of heavy influence and manipulation by powerful Jews.

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