Friday, 14 April 2017

10 Nazi SUPER WEAPONS that could've WON WW2

Hitler expressly forbade any atomic or nuclear bomb weapon technology being developed by German scientists, though he did use heavy water for energy purposes alone, from Norway, which the Norwegian government still uses exactly the same technology for today, for exactly the same purposes, as there was an oil embargo against Germany during WWII. and we can see that Norway does not even aspire to produce nuclear weapons even today. Hitler's bodyguard, Skorzeny, testified that Hitler had banned any development of any such demonic weapons, though Sefton Delmer type propaganda experts still beaver away to 'prove' the opposite with their faked evidence.

If Hitler had wanted, he could undoubtedly have had it and used it, viewing the other technological achievements of Germany, but he totally blocked it, as he stated that it was demonic technology that was unacceptable due to the terrible harm it would do to the world, and he was right.

In fact, the atom bomb, the nuclear bomb and the neutron bomb were all invented by Jews. They came up with the demonic concept, had that demonic mindset to create that weapon as an extension of their religion, as the Zohar states that all Gentiles will be killed and sent to hell at the end of the world, and other Jewish scriptures state that this business of killing the Gentiles should be started even thousands of years ago.

Leo Szilard, who came up with the idea for the atom bomb in 1933, patented his working design in 1934 in London, England, and later, in 1950, in a further development on the nuclear bomb design of another Jew who was in America, Szilard came up with the concept and working design for the Cobalt Nuclear Bomb, a bomb that was so dirty, that Szilard claimed stated that just 400 of these are capable of destroying all life of Earth, and it is staggering to think how the peoples of many countries were duped into fighting against the German people who were actually trying to protect not only themselves, but the rest of humanity from that eventuality.

Take for instance the nuclear Samson Option which Israel currently uses to threaten all other countries in the world with, using the most obscene terrorist threat possible, that if any country is permitted by the rest of the world to launch an existential attack on Israel, then Israel will punish the rest of the entire world by launching nuclear weapons ALL OVER THE WORLD IN RESPONSE, which is a truly insane, vindictive, totally uncalled for and totally inappropriate response, but as Israeli Sephardic Torah-reading Rabbi Ovadia Yosef stated, who was the erstwhile head of the Israeli Shas Party, the only purpose that Gentiles were created is to serve the Jews, and that without that they had no place in the world, and that only Gentiles who served the Jews get a long live, get it? The rest of us somehow get a 'short life', no doubt, by their fiendish arrangement.

Kind of makes you wonder why all countries are so keen to 'protect Israel' doesn't it? And it makes one wonder just what kind of nuclear weapons they are producing secretly hidden away in Dimona in the Israel nuclear facility there, most likely cobalt nuclear bombs, as all the other types they have invented have ended up being mass-produced, so why not those too? And that makes the Israelis the ultimate terrorist suicide bombers, insane people willing to destroy all life on a entire world. I think the 'Allies' fought on the wrong side.

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