Thursday, 6 April 2017


My deep feeling on this is that Trump really may be the deep state ace in the hole, the man we all thought would be the strong man to oppose the deep state, despite the apparent efforts by the deep state and hordes of lower grade Jews to oppose him, just like Stalin who destroyed Germany for the Jews was always declared as someone who actually persecuted all Jews, when he in reality made it a death penalty offence in Russia to criticize the Jews, so the Jews could distance themselves from his heinous actions, but I feel that we have been led to adopt Trump precisely because when he openly flip-flops over to the pro-Jewish NWO view, then we will have a sense of not only having been to blame for that ourselves, but also have the terrible feeling that no matter what we vote for, the situation is inevitably completely hopeless, that we are totally vulnerable to being fooled again and again.

I remember Trump's speech about letting the snake in, the snake that ends up biting you, the snake that tells you how daft you are to let him in in the first place, because he is a snake, and the snake's nature is to bite. But isn't the snake usually thought of as the serpent that Jesus referred to? Was Trump taking the piss out of us all for this very reason, looking at the makeup of his government now, almost all top-ranking Ashkenazim, the allegedly fake Jews themselves, the very serpent people that Jesus was criticizing, with Trump telling us all to our faces how bloody stupid we are are for believing in him, when he is just another snake himself.

I really hope I am very wrong on this, but I think he may be a major triple agent acting on behalf of the JWO.

If Trump makes a move to actually invade Syria with a major contingent of the American armed forces (why is the US government giving arms contracts and peace prizes to the crypto-Jewish Saudi Arabians who supplied the 9/11 pilots and who are supplying ISIS with weapons?), then he is definitely a total shabbos goy slave to the Jews and their plan for world domination.

If he goes ahead with fully invading Syria, if it is not more mere talk, then we will maybe see the lower grade Jews realize why their leaders have not been attacking Trump, but rather, celebrating his appointment to office.

The NWO is intended to be based in Jerusalem in Israel, and when the genocidally lethal Noahide Laws are put on statute in every country in the world, as the Jews thoroughly intend them to be as part of their world government set-up, then we will see the iron fist of Talmudic Stalinism come down with a resounding leaden smash, causing immense suffering and the deaths of many hundreds of millions as a result of wars and the implementation of those laws, which are themselves intended to authorize the execution of all non-Jews in the entire world who do not follow the Jewish religion and follow a religion that can be termed idolatrous, such as Sikhism, as they worship their holy book, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib as a literary incarnation of God, such as Hindus, who worship the Bhagavad Gita similarly, such as Buddhists, such as Christians, and a person can be executed even over taking a Sunday off work, as that will be seen as evidencing practice of an idolatrous belief system, with goyim expected to work 7 days a week as slaves.

The rabbis have even stated that the entire people of any nation which refuses to allow the implementation of the Noahide Laws will also be killed merely for that, whether or not they would have contravened any of the Noahide Laws themselves, that is how nasty the Jews really are.

The Zohar clearly states that all Gentiles in the world are to be made slaves to the Jews, and all this fawning to Israel and the Jews worldwide is leading up to that, to set the machinery in place, ready for the orders to be given.

American forces of course are already in Syria without invitation by the Syrian government, which was democratically elected into power by an overwhelming majority of voters, so Americans have already invaded Syria without any authority, but if Trump really wants to escalate this to full bloody war, then he is without the slightest doubt only a Jewish tool of oppression of the Gentiles after all.

I am very surprised to see all the traitorous support that he continues to give to the Saudis, who took a major part in the 9/11 attacks along with the Israeli Mossad and traitorous Jews infiltrated into the US government, whilst Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan did not take part in that, with these countries being attacked, whilst Saudi Arabia which actually attacked the US on 9/11 is not being attacked, so I see a traitor of the American people in office, and he is getting more and more violent. A real leader would have openly declared 9/11 an Israeli Jewish operation given the absolute masses of evidence, that included the Saudi Arabian crypto-Jewish fake Muslim government, and then initiated sanctions and other actions to disempower those hostile nations, even using military action of course, whilst removing likely traitorous Jews from positions of influence and power in the US, but what does Trump do, he surrounds himself with powerful Ashkenazim, pro-Israeli fanatics, he rolls the the way, and supports the Jewish initiative, seriously, very bad news indeed, though I know many still hold out very high hopes for Trump and think that he is playing some clever sort of game of chess, but he is giving arms to the Saudis after all, and if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, then what the hell are we supposed to say, that it is all a clever ruse to finish the Jewish aspirations for Jewish world government???, that it is quite obviously not really a duck at all?

Quite often, politics really is THAT blunt, like a hammer in the face, and that is that, it is what it is.

How dare Trump supply arms to Saudi Arabia when we know Saudi Arabia supplies arms to ISIS. How dare he send American troops into Syria, how dare he ignore the fact that Clinton gave Sarin poison gas to rebel forces in Syria, who have obviously booby-trapped the ISIS weapon factory in Syria with it, so that if the factory was attacked, it would release all this gas so that this blame could be laid on Assad.This can only mean that Trump too is in with the Jewish NWO plan.

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