Saturday, 20 May 2017

David Icke - SHOCKING NASA - APRIL 26, 2017 (MUST WATCH)

Brilliant talk, except at 43:24, we are subjected quite needlessly to a picture of German soldiers goosestepping as mind -controlled zombies, which is complete rubbish, Hitler was a straight guy, and opposed everything that has been termed in the video speech as being Archonic, and I feel that this should be openly admitted.

Hitler banned usury, he banned fractional reserve banking, he made all farms in Germany organic, he banned vivisection, he banned intensive farming, he banned the production of pate foie gras which is produced by painfully force-feeding a goose to expand it's liver, he encouraged, but did not enforce vegetarianism, but he did bring in animal welfare laws that far exceed anything in effect today in all of Europe and in most of the rest of the world, he banned veal crates, he encouraged people to stop smoking, and Germany was the first country to connect smoking cigarettes with lung cancer.

Hitler was the one man who OPPOSED the organized psychopathic Jewish bankers behind Capitalism and Communism and the whole war machine, and when one does proper research on Hitler, we find that he was horribly sucked-punched into having to fight, without having any intention of going to war against most of the rest of the world, a situation that was artificially created for him, as stated by the Polish General who led the Polish armed forces, who declared that Hitler would be forced into going to war, a war that he did not want, and the same was said by Churchill.

"Poland wants war with Germany and Germany will not be able to avoid it even if she wants to." (Polish Marshal Rydz-Smigly as reported in the Daily Mail, August 6th, 1939)

Hitler repeatedly offered extremely generous terms of settlement with Poland, and all his offers were senselessly and malevolently refused, as the Poles were desperate for war, and after WWII, Poland was given over to Stalin in any case, even after Russia had also invaded Poland. So what hypocrisy of any historian today to say that the war against Germany was to preserve the freedom of Poland, even after Stalin had slaughtered the 20,000 Polish officers and intellectuals in the Katyn Forest Massacre. Read the site for much more on that.

58,000 Germans who were then living in Poland after part of Germany was given to Poland after WWI were brutally massacred Bolshevik Red Revolution style by demonic Jewish-led mobs, and that is what Hitler was obliged to go into Poland to stop, when the government of Poland repeatedly refused to stop the senseless killings of innocent civilians.

Stalin had already betrayed several other countries after first having made treaties with them, and Stalin fully intended to invade all of Europe and then America, a plan he carried on from his predecessors, and he had to smash Germany in order to take all of Europe, Germany being the only country big enough then to stop Russia (a process which had already begun with WWI and the breakup of Germany into smaller pieces) and ONLY Germany under Hitler tried to stop this, so why the hell should anyone carry on knocking Adolf Hitler. Hitler stated that if he was made to take Germany to war, that all his plans for social improvement would be prevented, and that it would not matter who won any war, as all those plans would never then be able to be implemented.

This happened because Hitler led the way in creating an ideal example of a National Socialist state that was superbly successful, which the Jews feared would present a model for many other states to copy, and Hitler was a NATIONALIST, not a one world government guy, and he wished for a FEDERATION of INDEPENDENT countries who had also liberated themselves from the parasitism of the Jewish banking machine.

I think that there is indeed a very dark collective of souls that have become so far removed from God that they have entirely forgotten the true spiritual science of God Consciousness, Vaishnavism and Achintya Bhedabheda Tattva, which is the science of knowing that God is the central Soul, the Supersoul, at the heart of a cosmic body of individual souls, with each individual soul knowing that their relationship with the Godhead Soul alone enables their full true vivification, both in terms of spiritual self-cognitive ability, and the ability to know the entire cosmos within and through that Godhead Soul, His senses augmenting their own in dovetailed form, so as to maintain all of them in cosmic consciousness, or sarshti.

When souls sometimes explore a little too far for their own good, and end up forgetting God, then becoming fascinated primarily with souls who are not themselves cosmic in spatial magnitude, then their cosmic consciousness is lost, and so they fall down more and more as their wisdom is lost, with that wisdom for the greater part being in the form of the association of the Godhead Soul, and that is what everyone needs; this is a different philosophy to the unrealistic advaitist philosophy of Buddha and so on, which artificially seeks to propose that we are all ultimately one soul, that philosophy being quite unrealistic, as how could the all-knowing God forget Himself? God, being the substance of infinity, is the very substance that all other souls intercommunicate through, and He exists within each soul, like a string running through a string of pearls. The Godhead Soul is known as Krishna, and many many other names, though He, the Lord God is actually nameless, Krishna and the other 'names' merely being descriptive terms embodying some of His qualities and potencies.

I think that no one hijacked the Jews, that no one pretended to be the Jews, and did all this. I think that the dark soul collective decided to construct a vehicle for themselves to move unchecked amongst mankind, to appear as the rest of mankind, as if they too had a 'religion' that would grant them unlimited acceptance and rights in common with those afforded to followers of other religions, as people of 'God', no matter how nutty they might seem.

When the dark soul collective formed the Judaic religion, and veiled their parasitic war machine, they did so already possessing massive 4th dimensional know-how, a vast science of black magic, like kapparot transfer of karma by ritual blood magic, with Jews also having a Cyclon-like ability to always reincarnate amongst the Jews alone, except when an occasional incarnation amongst the other races would further their agenda, as happens a lot, especially with the Marrano Christians, the Wahhabi Saudi Muslims and the Donmeh Muslims in Turkey, who are all crypto-Jews, along with huge numbers of 'Roman Catholic', Protestant Church of England 'Christians' and members of other churches and religions who are in fact also crypto-Jews.

The Jews hold that a Jew remains eternally a Jew, no matter what religion they may purport to be a member of for any length of time for whatever reason, and that no Gentile soul can ever convert to become a Jewish soul, and that where a 'Gentile' is seen to 'convert', that is a really a Jewish soul, recognized by the Tribe as such by occult means, such as astral projection and other highly practical psychic sciences which can show the rabbi all the past lives of any soul, and their blood lines are also confirmed, with DNA tests being mandatory for any Jew wishing to gain citizenship in Israel. So all the 'Christians and Muslims that 'convert' to become Jewish, they were Jewish all along.

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