Saturday, 20 May 2017

Wake Up, White Men and Women!

That was a great speech, yet now of course, it is illegal in Britain since the time of Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists to wear any uniform in any political movement, and the National Action members did appear to be wearing what could be described by the filth as a uniform. 

However, I hope they can get round that ban and that absolutely ridiculous misclassification of being terrorists, because terrorists they most certainly are not, whilst the government that maliciously and falsely classifies them as being terrorists is itself the most vile mass murdering genocidal and otherwise corrupt body that there is, along with Israel, both of them being behind their attack dog the USA and NATO, Israel, the UK and the USA being the same in Jewish political substance at the top, who should all be in prison for many crimes, terrorism, fraud, genocide, treachery, and being traitorous. 

If even one politician today says so much as that 60,000 Jews were deported from Germany to Palestine in WWII, they are banned for life from politics in the UK, and the tired old Livingstone purposely allowed himself to be sacrificed in public at the end of his career as his last political act, purely to make this point for his Jew masters, that from now on, not one single word may be uttered that the Jews call racist against them, otherwise one will certainly be banned for life from politics, so the people need to have a new government structure outside the mainstream Jewish Stalinist totalitarian dictatorship now, entirely, not based in the Jew-Infested Houses of Parliament, a new government drawn exclusively from the ranks of their own people, and not any longer from the multi-generational Jewish banking families and so on.  

Wake Up, White Men and Women!

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