Monday, 8 May 2017

Ethiopian Jew Exposes Zionist Israel


omar kahn 
@ omar khan It is a Mossad lie that you are spreading here, whether you are doing with conscious intent or inadvertently I know not, but you wrongly label Europeans as the true culprits.

This hasbara lie and deception of 'fake Jews' is spread all over the internet very methodically, far and wide, so much so that even very genuine researchers and campaigners come to mistakenly believe in it.

The real truth is, that all Jews are real Jews, and that Arthur Koestler just made the whole story up about Khazars converting to Judaism to provide the opportunity for sayanim to spread this dirty lie about Gentiles pretending to be Jews and doing all the dirty work.

No Gentile soul can ever convert to become a Jewish soul, eternally, check it out, that is according to Torah. If anyone 'converts' the rabbi has to prove beforehand that the convert is an eternally Jewish soul who has been temporarily living under a different external label beforehand, after having been a Jew in all his or her previous incarnations, that is, a crypto-Jew. No one can become a convert to Judaism in truth.

None of the 4,000 Jews of all denominations in New York on 9/11 who stayed away from work that day according to the Israeli Jerusalem Post, which has all the names and addresses of those Jews as proof that they really existed, denounced any of the the other Jews among them as being fake or exposed the plot to attack New York. And no Jew in Israel ever attacks other Jews there as being 'fake'. That lie about Ashkenazim Jews being fake is a joke to the Israeli Jews and other Jews, and they deliberately spread that deception around to push all the blame for Jewish wrong-doing onto people they claim are really Gentiles, so you should spread the real truth from now on.

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